Our Services

Beitbridge RDC provides anumber of services to its residents both in communal areas and in business centres. These include:

Land Development

BBRDC provides land for the development of business and housing purposes. Through the planning section of the Technical Services Department the council makes sure the development of structures are in accordance to the building regulations and environmental requirements.

  • Plan approval
  • Building Inspections

Clean Water Supply

BBRDC makes sure the community has clean water supply within their reach, both piped and borehole. It also makes sure that the boreholes are maintained regularly.

Road Works and Maintenance

Beitbridge RDC makes sure the road network under their jurisdiction is well serviced and traversable.

Public Health Services

The health Section of the Social Services Department makes sure that the community has access to primary health care. BBRDC has 9 clinics in its district headed by Registered General Nurse.

The following Primary Health Care services are available at these clinics :

-EPI services




And Family planning


Through the campfire program the council helps the community to manage problem animals that destroy people’s crops and homes by liasing with National parks and Safari operators to control problem animals.

Natural Resources Management