The Department is currently being headed by Mr. Tsepang Dube as the Council Treasurer.Its Offices are in Beitbridge Town. The treasurer also heads the council’s four sub-offices which are found in the District’s wards in the rural service centres.


To be the standard of excellence in the development and implementation of innovative accounting and finance programs and processes while providing exclusive customer service with professional, courteous, knowledgeable and respectful staff by 2018


To provide quality customer service to clients, Council and its departments while practicing responsible stewardship of Councils resources and managing the liquidity of the council

Overall Functions for Department:

  1. Revenue collection, management and control
  2. Expenditure management and control
  3. Budgetary formulation, implementation and control
  4. Systems of accounting and internal controls
  5. Payroll preparation
  6. Manage the organizational financial liquidity
  7. Financial advisory and reporting