Campfire and Economic Development

This Service delivery department is devided into 2, Campfire and Local Economic Development. It is Headed by Beatrice Madawu.

One of the main functions of this department is to oversee the sustainable usage of natural resources and help the communities in fight against problem animals  that destroy homes and fields through a program known as PAC(Problem Animal Control). It also helps to capacitate the communities to add value to their natural resources.


To be the centre of excellence in the management and conservation of natural resources by December 2018


To provide and administer a long range comprehensive programs for the exploration, conservation, development, protection and enjoyment and use of the natural resources.

Overall Functions for Department

  1. Natural resources management
  2. Sustainable utilization of natural resources
  3. Identification, development and marketing of tourist attraction centres
  4. Community empowerment and integration into natural resources management