About Us

Beitbridge Rural District Council is situated in the southern tip of Matabeleland South Province, bordering South Africa to the south, Botswana to the west. Beitbridge District Council is divided into 15 wards with fifty eight villages and a total area coverage of 12 697 kilometers, with a total of 23 000 households. Beitbridge Rural District is one of the driest areas in Zimbabwe falling under agro-ecological Region V. Despite this, Beitbridge District is the largest producer of cattle in the country.

Mission :

To spearhead rural development through creating and enabling environment that enhances socio-economic well-being.


To be a leading local authority in sustainable rural development by 2020


Value Definition
Team Work Co-ordination and liaison among stakeholders
Transparency Clearness in all council operations
Accountability Answerable and responsible to stakeholders
Integrity Being honest and maintaining good morals and ethical values
Commitment Dedication and loyalty